Passion for songwriting

Another post, another passion. One of my primary passions is songwriting. Recently (over the last three years) I’ve been writing with Roger Tomhave of New Day. We meet once a week and have been surprisingly prolific, given our previous solo songwriting attempts. We recently made studio recordings of 25 of our songs. Meanwhile, Soulpajamas is in the studio making our next album.

Dan and Roger 1

Roger and I were interviewed about songwriting for Empower Music and Arts. If you’re interested in songwriting, check out my songwriting blog – Songwriter’s Tip Jar.

While on the subject of passions, this weekend I met a neighbor who is maybe the most passionate person I’ve ever met. He is a pianist, singer, furniture maker, gardener, architect, scientist, poet, philosopher, he does impressions … and he is passionate about them all. Truly an inspiration, practically in my own backyard.

Lastly, if you are a Facebook person, please become a fan of Soulpajamas on Facebook.


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