Let there be light

Let There Be Light songbook

Let There Be Light is the name of one of the two CDs soon to be released by Roger Tomhave and friends. The friends include Soulpajamas and members of New Day, among others. The other CD is called Now I Begin.

Both CDs contain original songs by Roger, written solo and with co-writers, including Dan Johnson, Carole Tomhave and others. In addition, there is a songbook, also called Let There Be Light.

This adventure started when Carole asked Roger what he wanted for Christmas. Roger replied “a book of sheet music for all my original songs.” So Carole set out to do this and it soon evolved into more.

Roger and Dan had been writing songs together for about 2 years at the time and Carole generously created lead sheets and piano scores for many. In addition, Roger had written a few songs on his own, some with Carole and other co-writers. When Roger asked Carole what she wanted for Christmas, she replied, a recording of your (Roger’s) music.

So began 7 months of recording. Enormous gratitude for all the players who donated their time and talents. In addition to being a fine singer and songwriter, Roger is also a visual artist and he designed the album art and songbook cover.

The debut will be at Sound Connections New Thought music conference held at Unity Village in September, followed by an album(s) release concert on Oct 3 at Unity of Fairfax.

We’ll keep you posted.


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