Reaching for the Sun

Redwood tree

Today I was alerted to an NPR/National Geographic story on the tallest trees in the world, specifically redwoods. The photos are amazing. Moments later Facebook showed me a video on the connection between forest loss/forest degradation and global warming.

I found this “coincidence” interesting because I was recently inspired to write a song based on the non-fiction book The Wild Trees by Richard Preston. There was no way to compress all the fascinating stories, people and emotions from the book into a 3-4 minute song. So for my song, I picked a specific thread that moved me – how adventuring scientists unexpectedly found silence, beauty, peace and a deep sense of spirituality high in the canopy.

Read the story and see the photos, maps, timeline at NPR/Nat Geo.

Hear our song by clicking on Reaching for the Sun in the music player to the right of this page.

wild trees


7 thoughts on “Reaching for the Sun

  1. I can’t take all the credit, the book was very inspiring and I am fortunate to have Roger Tomhave as a co-writer.

  2. Dan (&Roger & others),
    Thanks for bringing Reaching for the Sun to my attention… Inspiring and affirming. Great work all around- words, music, production. I will forward this to my wife, as well, who may just be a reincarnated Ent.

  3. Another syncronicity: I am just reading in “Gaia’s Garden,” a permaculture book, about trees’ many-faceted role in adiverse ecological web of life, from bacteria to surrounding flora and fauna.

    Great song, Danny. Well thought out, and giving praise to a rightful recipient. Love it!

  4. Hi Dan: You and Roger are really on a roll! Great writing, production and your voice sounds great.

    I LOVE the meter of the song too… very soulful and earthy.

    Way to go!
    -love Claudia

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