Green up

canvas grocery bag

Here’s an easy way to green-up one area of your life: reusable canvas bags for grocery shopping (not to mention baskets and net bags). They all reduce pollution, litter and waste. Keep the empty bags in your car.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 3,960 thousand tons of plastics waste, including bags, sacks, and wraps was generated in 2008. Of those, barely 1 percent were recycled.

Many communities are looking at ways to encourage the use of reusables. San Francisco banned plastic bags. In Washington, D.C. a new law requires grocery stores to charge customers 5 cents per bag, paper or plastic. In 2002, Ireland enacted a nationwide mandate to charge a fee of 15 cents per bag on all plastic bags. According to the Irish government agency that monitors the program, it has reduced annual plastic bag use from an estimated 328 to 21 per person.

Don’t wait for the government to act. Get yourself some canvas bags and go green. We have a suggestion on where to get them, especially if you want to show your love of Soulpajamas music 😉 Yes, we can be green and stylish at the same time.

Soulpajamas canvas tote

See more about the Soulpajamas tote.


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