Positive Music Month

We’re writing to let you know about something very cool – November is Positive Music Month and every day this month you can download a new song for free from the best Positive (Posi) Music artists. Here’s what emPower Music And Arts (the organization behind Posi Music Month) has to say:

Posi Music Month, which begins November 1 every year, is meant to raise our awareness of the messages we receive from the music we hear, and not only to bypass music with negative, judgmental, angry or victimized messages, but to begin to feed yourself music with positive, uniting, life-affirming messages.

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2012 emPower Posi Music Festival

2012 is starting out on a high note for songwriters Dan Johnson and Roger Tomhave. Two of their songs were honored by emPower Posi Music. They performed the songs, Spirit Flow and Calling All the Children Home as well as other original positive songs at various venues within the music conference, including the main stage, late night pajama jams and song circles.

Songwriter support

We talk a lot about passions here. And by now you probably know my biggest passion is writing songs. You may not know that I also write a blog for songwriters called Songwriters Tip Jar. The idea is to get songwriters talking to each other and sharing our tricks and tips. It started as a newsletter, grew into a forum and is now in blog format. We are now syndicated on emPower Music and Arts, a great organization for people love New Thought music.

Starting this month, I am writing a songwriting tips column for E-Notes, the newsletter of the Songwriters Association of Washington.

When I get blocked writing a song, I’ll switch hats and write a blog post or column. By the time that’s done, I’m hopefully ready to get back to some fruitful songwriting.