Who put the soul in Soulpajamas?

For two years, we’ve been writing and recording songs for the new CD, due out in Dec or January at the latest. I promise.

Now that we’re near completion, we noticed a definite trend to the funky. Roger and I penned several songs that fall into the funk genre (albeit with positive, even spiritual lyrics). That means toe-tapping, hip-swaying old school dance music. We were inspired by Faith Rivera, Harold Payne and others. So although you’ll hear jazzy ballads and introspective songs, you’ll also get the chance to get up and boogie. Or bust a move. Or whatever they call it these days.

Stay tuned for more details on the release of the new Soulpajamas CD, Reaching for the Sun. Maybe we should have called it Reaching for the Funk.

Meanwhile, you might want to check out our karaoke CD. It’s our first CD, Dreaming a New Reality, without the voices, so you can sing it yourself. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer and a companion to the full CD.

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Dan and Erin (and co-writers/unofficial Soulpajamas Roger and Carole Tomhave)