2012 emPower Posi Music Festival

2012 is starting out on a high note for songwriters Dan Johnson and Roger Tomhave. Two of their songs were honored by emPower Posi Music. They performed the songs, Spirit Flow and Calling All the Children Home as well as other original positive songs at various venues within the music conference, including the main stage, late night pajama jams and song circles.


The Bassman’s Lament

Roger Tomhave, Steve Graham and Dan wrote a song called The Bassman’s Lament. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the plight of bass players everywhere. New Day, Roger and Steve’s band, took the idea and ran with it. They developed it into a skit.

Here’s a video of it, performed at the Roger and Friends CD Release concert.

Let there be light

Let There Be Light songbook

Let There Be Light is the name of one of the two CDs soon to be released by Roger Tomhave and friends. The friends include Soulpajamas and members of New Day, among others. The other CD is called Now I Begin.

Both CDs contain original songs by Roger, written solo and with co-writers, including Dan Johnson, Carole Tomhave and others. In addition, there is a songbook, also called Let There Be Light.

This adventure started when Carole asked Roger what he wanted for Christmas. Roger replied “a book of sheet music for all my original songs.” So Carole set out to do this and it soon evolved into more.

Roger and Dan had been writing songs together for about 2 years at the time and Carole generously created lead sheets and piano scores for many. In addition, Roger had written a few songs on his own, some with Carole and other co-writers. When Roger asked Carole what she wanted for Christmas, she replied, a recording of your (Roger’s) music.

So began 7 months of recording. Enormous gratitude for all the players who donated their time and talents. In addition to being a fine singer and songwriter, Roger is also a visual artist and he designed the album art and songbook cover.

The debut will be at Sound Connections New Thought music conference held at Unity Village in September, followed by an album(s) release concert on Oct 3 at Unity of Fairfax.

We’ll keep you posted.


stillwaters outside

If you are local to DC, Maryland or Virginia, please note this rare concert. We open the night at the Stage at Stillwaters on August 22.

After a set by Soulpajamas (with special guest Tamara Stuchlak), Dan and Roger (backed by New Day) take the stage, performing their original songs: spiritual, humorous, heart-warming and family friendly. Fans of Soulpajamas and New Day will not want to miss it.

If you’ve never been to the Stage at Stillwaters, think of a mini Wolf Trap on a lake and you’ll be in the right ballpark. Or call it a house concert under the stars. The Stage is the brainchild of Jeff Wolf and is a unique venue in this area.

See you there,

Dan and Erin

Sorry, this concert is being rescheduled to Spring 2010.

Passion for songwriting

Another post, another passion. One of my primary passions is songwriting. Recently (over the last three years) I’ve been writing with Roger Tomhave of New Day. We meet once a week and have been surprisingly prolific, given our previous solo songwriting attempts. We recently made studio recordings of 25 of our songs. Meanwhile, Soulpajamas is in the studio making our next album.

Dan and Roger 1

Roger and I were interviewed about songwriting for Empower Music and Arts. If you’re interested in songwriting, check out my songwriting blog – Songwriter’s Tip Jar.

While on the subject of passions, this weekend I met a neighbor who is maybe the most passionate person I’ve ever met. He is a pianist, singer, furniture maker, gardener, architect, scientist, poet, philosopher, he does impressions … and he is passionate about them all. Truly an inspiration, practically in my own backyard.

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