3 little news treats

Soulpajamas - Reaching for the Sun CD cover

1. We finally have the new CD in our greasy little hands

OK, this is actually really big news to us. Our new CD, Reaching for the Sun, has been available online (for listening and downloading) for several months now, but it has not been available in good old-fashioned physical form (CD) until this week. You can get one at a gig and if you’re really anxious, just email us and we’ll ship you one immediately. CDs are available for purchase online now at CD Baby and at Bandcamp.

Meanwhile, you can listen to the whole thing for free at our bandcamp site and download any or all.

2. SoCo ’11

Sound Connections, here I come. Without Erin, I will be venturing to Lee’s Summit, MO (or Unity Village, to be precise), where I will hob nob with all my fellow musicians in the Positive Music and New Thought Music worlds. This year I’m going to go for broke by joining the Unity World Choir. I’ll also be sharing the songs from the new CD whenever possible, and listening to lots of great live music by songwriters and musicians from around the world.

3. Top songwriting honors

My co-writer Roger Tomhave and I won a ‘top honor’ in the Indie International Songwriting Contest for our song Calling All the Children Home. Yea!
Listen to it here.


Songwriter support

We talk a lot about passions here. And by now you probably know my biggest passion is writing songs. You may not know that I also write a blog for songwriters called Songwriters Tip Jar. The idea is to get songwriters talking to each other and sharing our tricks and tips. It started as a newsletter, grew into a forum and is now in blog format. We are now syndicated on emPower Music and Arts, a great organization for people love New Thought music.

Starting this month, I am writing a songwriting tips column for E-Notes, the newsletter of the Songwriters Association of Washington.

When I get blocked writing a song, I’ll switch hats and write a blog post or column. By the time that’s done, I’m hopefully ready to get back to some fruitful songwriting.