Feels like coming home again

The first time I walked into a Unity church, I felt like I was home. That was over 20 years ago in Gaithersburg. It was with friends at Unity that I picked up the guitar and started playing music again after a long dry spell. That trio, with Joe Loftus and Robert Cote, played for a lot of church services, as well as parties and gatherings and created lots of good memories for me.

So it feels like a homecoming to be back at Unity for a benefit concert. The Soulpajamas duo that Erin and I started has grown with the addition of Mandolin Rain (John Robbins on bass and Jeff Halverson on drums) as well as special guest, Ogun Holder on keyboard. These guys really bring the songs to life in a way I’ve never heard before.

Join us for a special evening of original Soulpajamas music, plus other familiar favorites. Hear Soulpajamas with full band on Friday Nov 2 at 7:30pm at Unity of Gaithersburg.

Unity of Gaithersburg
111 Central Avenue
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

See you there!


Our song is crossing borders

Click here for the lead sheet with lyrics.

We told you earlier about our children’s song The 5 Basics, co-written by Roger and Dan. People from all over are interested in singing it.

Today sheet music was sent to Unity of Mississaugua, just outside Toronto, making our music international. Thank you Mary, for your interest.

3 little news treats

Soulpajamas - Reaching for the Sun CD cover

1. We finally have the new CD in our greasy little hands

OK, this is actually really big news to us. Our new CD, Reaching for the Sun, has been available online (for listening and downloading) for several months now, but it has not been available in good old-fashioned physical form (CD) until this week. You can get one at a gig and if you’re really anxious, just email us and we’ll ship you one immediately. CDs are available for purchase online now at CD Baby and at Bandcamp.

Meanwhile, you can listen to the whole thing for free at our bandcamp site and download any or all.

2. SoCo ’11

Sound Connections, here I come. Without Erin, I will be venturing to Lee’s Summit, MO (or Unity Village, to be precise), where I will hob nob with all my fellow musicians in the Positive Music and New Thought Music worlds. This year I’m going to go for broke by joining the Unity World Choir. I’ll also be sharing the songs from the new CD whenever possible, and listening to lots of great live music by songwriters and musicians from around the world.

3. Top songwriting honors

My co-writer Roger Tomhave and I won a ‘top honor’ in the Indie International Songwriting Contest for our song Calling All the Children Home. Yea!
Listen to it here.

Who put the soul in Soulpajamas?

For two years, we’ve been writing and recording songs for the new CD, due out in Dec or January at the latest. I promise.

Now that we’re near completion, we noticed a definite trend to the funky. Roger and I penned several songs that fall into the funk genre (albeit with positive, even spiritual lyrics). That means toe-tapping, hip-swaying old school dance music. We were inspired by Faith Rivera, Harold Payne and others. So although you’ll hear jazzy ballads and introspective songs, you’ll also get the chance to get up and boogie. Or bust a move. Or whatever they call it these days.

Stay tuned for more details on the release of the new Soulpajamas CD, Reaching for the Sun. Maybe we should have called it Reaching for the Funk.

Meanwhile, you might want to check out our karaoke CD. It’s our first CD, Dreaming a New Reality, without the voices, so you can sing it yourself. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer and a companion to the full CD.

To get regular updates, no more than once a month (but let’s get real, we’re lucky if we can send one every quarter), shoot us an email at dan@soulpajamas.com or sign up on our old website, http://www.soulpajamas.com

Dan and Erin (and co-writers/unofficial Soulpajamas Roger and Carole Tomhave)

The Bassman’s Lament

Roger Tomhave, Steve Graham and Dan wrote a song called The Bassman’s Lament. It’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the plight of bass players everywhere. New Day, Roger and Steve’s band, took the idea and ran with it. They developed it into a skit.

Here’s a video of it, performed at the Roger and Friends CD Release concert.